He insults my soul. It’s unrestful for me to see him in office, look at him, hear him speak, read his clownish, degenerate tweets. He stands for so many things I don’t stand for. He stands in contrast to ideals our country was founded on.

I will walk in the Women’s March tomorrow to express my constitutionally protected right to dissent – the right to free speech, the right of assembly, the right to express grievances to the government. I don’t condone violence and vandalism. I do condone our constitutionally protected expression of dissent.

women's march 1
Women’s March commemorative hat

Our march in Portland is a permitted march. Our local government honors the Constitution and supports individuals seeking social and political change through various public expressions, including assemblies and marches. This is American.

So, tomorrow I will march for democracy, freedom, equality, humanity, decency, truth, love and hope.

I will march for every woman who has ever been bullied, dismissed, minimized, devalued, discriminated against, treated with cruelty and hatred, and denied her human rights.

I will march remembering the things he has said about women, minorities, people with disabilities, immigrants, and the planet.

I will march for the rights of every woman and every marginalized group to rise up, speak up, be seen and be heard.

I will march to make a political statement and a personal one.

Composed January 20, 2017 – Inauguration Day for Donald Trump, and the day before the Women’s March on Washington, which extended across the United States and beyond the United States to protest his presidency and threats to women’s rights and other rights