Roll down the covers kick out your feet and sing sing in the morning sing in the evening sing in the spaces between sing between breakfast and lunch and dinner and sleep sing in your dreams sing between mouthfuls of laughter sing between handfuls of euphoric sighs sing between the pages of a favorite book sing goodbyes sing with all the blinds open let everybody see sing looking into a mirror and thinking sing songs in a higher key sing like a star sing with perfect wisdom compassion and freedom sing with the ferocity of youth sing songs full of wild ones sing through the blues sing truth sing in a dense forest sing in the street sing in a meadow and grassland sing at dawn sing at dusk in the cool still air sing in the ruin of a winter rain sing in the sun sing to the moon sing in the shadowy winds sing with the thrush in the glen sing waiting for the bus sing walking through an alley sing with an arm load of groceries sing hugging sing loving sing barefoot and yawning sing to a cat sing to a dog sing to a horse or a goat or a frog sing to the sky sing to a tree I’ll sing to you if you’ll sing to me sing for hours where no one can hear sing with one eye open sing with the total power of a raging maniac or a self-hypnotized berserk sing with incredible speed sing with your feet off the ground sing slowly like a train sing slowly as if all there is to do is sing forever sing believing you will make music all day sing hard to stay visible to be heard to be totally conscious of time and place of you and every sentient being sing one simple song is enough sing oh so many songs sing joyously sing joyously sing joyously every day untie your shoelaces and sing.


Composed on June 27, 2018 – after a stroll and a song and a strum and a pen in my hand