Rocks, rocks, everywhere

Rocks, rocks, everywhere,
But not a stone to throw;
A dimpled pebble in my pocket,
A polished gem for show.

Rocks, rocks, everywhere,
Collided continents explode;
Nodules roll in on a riverbed,
A tree root holds a hollow geode.

Rocks, rocks, everywhere,
Water, land, and ore;
Clustered quartz and crystals,
Rough agates in banded form.

A thousand rocks are different, 
And all the spaces in between;
Like the shapes in all our lifetimes—
Which includes just about everything.

I fix my eyes upon a rock,
In a rugged bed or furrowed field;
And with amazed consideration,
To admiration I must yield.

A few pocket rocks from my large collection, including Trail of Tears obsidian, blue lapis lazuli, South Dakota prairie agates, Lake Superior agate, Ohio Septarian nodule, and Oregon fire opal.

Composed on March 14, 2021while pencil sketching a collection of rocks that I will eventually color with pencils. I began my rock collection when I was 5 years old. While playing a game of hide-and-seek, I discovered a Septarian Nodule under our family carport. When I proudly showed it to my father, he referred to it as a “mud ball.” I called it a “turtle rock” and sometimes a “dragon stone.” Years later, I learned its real name.