Into the Woods

Whispers of old trees


Thank you for stepping INTO THE WOODS. What you find here is peopled, weathered, and storied by the whispers of old trees. I walk quietly into the woods to feel better, to ease the uneasiness in my heart and mind, to remember and reflect. I walk into the woods to discover my wellspring of creativity, intuition, and wisdom. That’s also why I write. I like to go places where all the ways of finding my way back would take forever.

I task myself with procuring magical things from my past and present, my memories and dreams, the shadows real and imagined, my longings and protracted heartbreaks, everyday moments and entanglements, and the landscape of home and not-so-faraway places. My walks into the woods reverse the curse I sometimes put on my own heart. I walk out of the woods at peace.

Have a good visit here.

Cheryl Kuck